What do voice lessons offer me?

  • Knowledge and technique to keep your voice strong and healthy and vibrant
  • Ways to avoid hoarseness and laryngitis
  • Consistent feedback and practice to learn to sing well / speak well
  • A feeling of relaxed comfort when performing
  • Vocal control and polished performances
  • Knowledge and understanding to self-monitor your singing / speaking
  • Vocal technique and ear-training to sing on-pitch
  • Knowledge and and framework for music sight-reading
  • Ability to perform your chosen vocal style well
  • Solutions for your vocal issues – I collaborate with your ENT and/or SLP.
  • More confidence in your abilities when singing / speaking in public
  • More expressive and communicative performances for audiences
  • Preparation for auditions, performances, events, and work
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction when singing / speaking
  • Increased vocal range for singing and speaking
  • Development of a natural vibrato plus vowels that work with your anatomy
  • Understanding of what you hear other singers  / speakers doing
  • Fun while singing familiar and new music
  • Fun incorporating your voice with expressive spoken text
  • Improvement of your style and technique
  • Easier, more efficient breath management
  • Knowledge of your voice and what it can do and cannot do
  • Understanding of how to choose your own music
  • The ability to sing and like you always wanted
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