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Learn how your voice actually works so you can enjoy healthy singing and speaking without hoarseness and pain.

  • Solutions for ALL Vocal Issues and Collaboration with ENT’s and SLP’s
  • Singing Lessons
  • Speaking / Voice Lessons
  • Song Preparation – Audition, Competition, Performance
  • Acting / Voice Preparation – Audition, Competition, Performance, Events, Work
  • Vocal-tone Refinements
  • Sustainable Vocal Projection
  • Sight Reading and Music Theory
  • How to: Bel canto, CCM, and Musical Theater singing technique
  • Pitch Matching & Intonation Solutions
  • Technique for a Tension-Free Voice
  • Vocal-range Expansion and Tone Color Changes

Rebekah Osborne
Functional Voice Specialist and Private Voice Studio

Rebekah Osborne - Functional Voice Specialist

Professional Voice Teacher

How may I help you?

Welcome to Sing Well Speak Well With Rebekah. I am Rebekah Osborne, a Chandler functional voice specialist and voice teacher, who will help you speak and sing well. Whether you’re a child, youth, or adult, a novice or experienced singer or actor, I will help you discover remarkable improvement in speaking/singing/vocal technique at any age – 5 to 80.

  • All contemporary styles
  • All classical styles
  • All languages
  • Estill International
  • Vocology – U of Utah
  • Somatic Voicework – LoVetri
  • CCM – Shenandoah
  • NATS teacher – Arizona
  • VoiceCare Network – St. John’s U
  • Kodály trained Sight-Singing/inner hearing
  • Estill levels 1&2
  • B.M. & M.M – ASU
  • B.A. – Valparaiso
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We Use Your Favorite Styles of Music and Languages

Use your favorite styles of music, including:
Blues | Rock |Choral | Folk | Pop | Jazz | Opera | Religious | Broadway | Classical Art Song

Sing and speak in all languages.

We Use Your Favorite Monologues, Poems, and Everyday Words

Find healing for your voice
Re-learn healthy, lasting, easy speech
Use your natural language and life setting

Professional Affiliations, Education, & Endorsements

I can help you achieve the vocal freedom you’ve always wanted.
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