Rebekah is an extraordinary teacher. She is a superb vocal technician, able to get right at the heart of a vocal problem, then provides methods for improving a singer’s voice. She is equipped with a deep knowledge base which she draws on to help the singer find a free, open, natural sound. She has faith in children and their capabilities, and her gentle patience and encouragement helps them realize their potential. Understanding the many stages of development in a young singer’s voice is what gives direction to Rebekah’s methods, and her wealth of study has guided her to keep the voice’s health as the utmost goal. Rebekah prepares young people for a lifetime of singing enjoyment.

Aimee Stewart
Artistic Director, Chandler Children’s Choir

Rebekah Osborne is a fantastic music educator. She is able to engage children of all levels in the process of music learning. Her teaching skills, knowledge, and mastery of technique are taught in a nurturing and joyful manner. The results of her students are stunning. She truly understands music, the vocal instrument, and teaching. Truly, she is a blessing to the profession.

Greg Hebert
Corona Del Sol High School
AzACDA President-Elect

She is marvelous! Patient and professional, so good at teaching and helping me learn. Highly recommend her!

Sue H.

Rebekah is an exceptional teacher. She teaches proper vocal technique with focus on maintaining vocal health and has the innate ability to know exactly what each student needs to succeed. She offers gentle but honest feedback and is always generous with praise. My daughters have grown so much since beginning voice lessons with Rebekah. I can’t recommend her enough!

Erin F.

Rebekah is a terrific teacher. We signed up for more classes. She is very knowledgeable with a great personality.

Adam M.

Rebekah is a knowledgeable teacher. She is patient and careful to offer suggestions for how to best improve your personal singing. Whatever your goals, Rebekah is willing and capable to help you on the road to achieving those goals. I owe my vocal health to her!

Shannon W.

Rebekah Osborne is the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. She is dedicated and works hard to help her students achieve their goals. She is passionate about what she does and clearly wants her students to succeed. She utilizes various techniques to allow her students to get the best training they can. Her method of recording lessons has been monumental in helping me to train. She has been my voice teacher for 4 years and I’ve learned so much from her. I have placed in the Regional choir, All State Choir, All Stare Jazz Choir, and All State show choir, and I owe a large amount if my success to my wonderful teacher!

Selena R.

My 9 year daughter has taken voice lessons as well as site reading, recorder, and guitar with Rebekah for over a year. Being ADHD, it has been extremely difficult to find both activities and instructors that can keep my daughter engaged. Rebekah has exceeded in this area with her style of patience and encouragement. I would highly recommend Rebekah to any parent looking to expose a child to the world of music.

Kim F.

My daughter has really enjoyed working w Rebekah. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with her lessons. Her communication with parents is excellent which is important to me as I don’t go in and listen/watch. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a voice teacher.

Stacy K.

She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had in any subject! She listens carefully to how you describe your experience with the learning process and finds innovative ways to help you develop in areas you’re struggling with. She also provides consistent positive feedback on what you’re doing well. She’s the best!

Christine C.

Rebekah is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. She has helped me to learn and accomplish a lot in a very short time.

Tessa E.

Rebekah is very “in tune” to keeping a 5 year old interested in her music!. She is very talented and has a beautiful voice. She is an exceptional teacher. This was a getting to know you lesson and my granddaughter liked her very much. Rebekah made my granddaughter and myself feel very welcome. I would recommend her in an instant.

Mary E.

My need was not very common; wanted a crash course on Vocal Control and Rebekah understood that very well and has customized the teaching sessions to meet my need. She has a very sensitive ear to me where I am making mistake. She could help me find out how to get rid of vocal strains while singing at high pitch. Rebekah has very pleasant personality. It was a simply WOW experience to be her student.

Shraman G.

Rebekah was a wonderful voice teacher for both my daughter and me! She gave encouraging, positive feedback to my daughter as she prepared for Regional auditions, helping her to improve her quality of singing, annunciation, breathing and sight-singing. Rebekah helped me reduce problems with my vocal cords caused by overuse as a teacher. By focusing on relaxation, better breathing, and changing the range that I speak in, I have enjoyed strain-free voice use for the past year. Rebekah is energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated and perhaps most important, a fun teacher to learn with!

Sujata R.

Very professional and vastly knowledgable about the voice and how to develop best singing practices for each individual’s unique vocal sound.

Jon S.

My son has been working with Ms. Osborne for two years. We absolutely love her teaching. She is very professional. She teaches way more than just to get the right pitch. The way she works with kids is also awesome. My son tried to avoid all things musical except for his singing class with Ms. Osborne.

Sherry M.

My girls love going to their lesson every week and have learned a so much! They listen to your feedback and really try to work on what they are taught.

Stephanie T.