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Music purchases

Music costs or scripts are above and beyond the fee for lessons. If you are a music student, you will need to purchase your music and sight-singing materials on-line or from stores in the area. Special note: I may wait a few lessons before recommending music to a new student until I am sure of [...]

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Missed and Make-up lessons

If a student is ill, I need to be notified as soon as possible, so that a lesson change can be made. If a student has a general conflict, I need to know at least 24 hours in advance so a lesson change can be made. Failure to notify me prior to the lesson missed [...]

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Often parents wish to observe lessons. This is fine as long as the student is comfortable with this arrangement. Remember, each student needs to feel relaxed and focused in lessons. Often family members or friends wish to sit and wait during lessons. This is fine as long as the student is comfortable with this arrangement [...]

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Practice expectations

I expect all students to: listen to your recording of each lesson. follow-up on all assignments. notice, without judgment, the sounds of the voice and feelings of the body when practicing. ask questions and speak concerns. be willing to explore new sensations and ideas. trust the process of learning to help you achieve your goals.

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Benefits of vocal study

Studying voice helps you to: understand, feel, hear, and change habits that interfere with efficient phonation, free and rich resonance, and expanded vocal range. gain an understanding of YOUR voice and what it can and cannot do. gain a dependable and expressive personal voice that will do as you wish. become more confident and consistent [...]

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