Why take voice lessons?

  • I love to sing; I want to learn more!
  • I struggle to get the sound I want while singing my music.
  • I struggle with my voice on stage or at work.
  • I get hoarse a lot.
  • I get laryngitis a lot.
  • I run out of breath a lot.
  • I feel uncomfortable singing certain parts of songs.
  • I feel discomfort with certain parts of my script or speech.
  • I want to sing on pitch.
  • I already sing well; I want to sing even better!
  • I want to end my vocal fatigue or my voice struggle.
  • I want more skill and consistency in my singing / speaking.
  • I want more confidence when I perform.
  • I want to be more expressive as a performer.
  • I want to prepare for new singing and speaking opportunities.
  • I want to learn to sing well.
  • I want to enjoy singing.
  • I want to enjoy acting without vocal issues.
  • I want to give the director what he/she wants.
  • I want to blend in with other singers and actors.
  • I want to increase my vocal range for speech or song.
  • I want more vocal sound choices.
  • I want to have a natural vibrato.
  • I want to choose good songs for my voice.
  • I want to manage my breath better.
  • I want to learn how to audition.
  • I want to experience vocal ease.
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