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What do voice students do?

Learn everything they can about their voice Remember that learning vocal technique is a process Listen to other speakers and singers for examples and non-examples of technique and expression Practice vocal development and skills at regular intervals each week Focus their awareness on the sights, sounds, and feelings of vocal technique Focus their awareness on [...]

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What do voice teachers do?

Give feedback as expert listeners and observers Deliver practical instruction for experiencing and habituating your best vocal tones and technique Train you to hear pitch issues and correct them so that you sing in tune Give scientifically-based knowledge about the voice, its health, and the many and varied ways to use it Exercise expert analysis [...]

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What do voice lessons offer me?

Knowledge and technique to keep your voice strong and healthy and vibrant Ways to avoid hoarseness and laryngitis Consistent feedback and practice to learn to sing well / speak well A feeling of relaxed comfort when performing Vocal control and polished performances Knowledge and understanding to self-monitor your singing / speaking Vocal technique and ear-training [...]

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Why take voice lessons?

I love to sing; I want to learn more! I struggle to get the sound I want while singing my music. I struggle with my voice on stage or at work. I get hoarse a lot. I get laryngitis a lot. I run out of breath a lot. I feel uncomfortable singing certain parts of songs. [...]

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